Thursday, March 03, 2005


Welcome to Knight Games!

Greetings, my handle on the internet is Knight37, I've been using that handle since 1996 or so. I have been a participant on the net for quite a while (since 1992 or so). Before that, I was a BBS operator, who ran an RPG & Programming themed BBS in College Station, Texas and later in Dallas, Texas called "The Wyrm's Byte" which started in 1988 and closed down in 1992. Back then I used the name "Berek Halfhand" (from the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series).

The knight37 handle came along because I had an ISP that made me use an 8-letter name for my ID. The name actually has a meaning, and no, 37 is not my age. Can you guess what it means?

I have been a participant on the USENET discussion forums for a long while also. You can find me there in most often, that's my main hang out.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my thoughts and feelings about the games that I play. I play a lot of games, and usually I discuss them on Usenet, but I decided I would also like to have a more personal space to publish my ideas so I'm starting up this blog now.

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