Saturday, March 05, 2005


Planescape: Torment

One of my favorite RPG games ever made was the AD&D game by Interplay's Black Isle Studios called Planescape: Torment. I wrote a fairly gushing review for it here a few years ago. This game is getting kind of long in the tooth and the graphics for it haven't aged that well. The artwork is still fresh and imaginative, but the screen is stuck at 640x480 which can look very grainy on the large monitors most people use today. If I had to rewrite that review, I'd probably bump Graphics rating down a notch or two. Still, this is my number one, most favorite, single-player RPG ever released for any platform. That says a lot.

I actually have a spare copy of this if anyone is interested in trading for it. If you click above on the name of the game it will take you to the Amazon web page and they currently have some copies available through their resellers program. But my copy is new! And it comes with Soulbringer, another RPG that is... eh. Less than stellar.

Don't sell the damn thing, keep it for sentimental reasons :)
It's a classic.
I have a SPARE copy. I'm keeping my original version, with the original box. :)
A classic it is.
Black Isle forever! And its death was not the end bu the beginning.
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