Friday, May 27, 2005


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Well last couple of weeks haven't given me much time for gaming but I did get some in. I have played more World of Warcraft, concentrating on finishing up Strangelthorn Vale on Ami who is now level 42. I'm also doing a review game, Dungeon Lords, which I can't really talk about until I do the review except to say that, yeah, it's fun. And lastly, I am playing some demos of such. I actually played a couple of scenes in Half Life 2 which I never finished last night. I have played the demo for Delta Force Xtreme and I like it but I am not sure I'm going to buy it. It's only $20 though so I might. Played a few turns of Master of Orion 2 just to check to see that it runs under Windows XP (it does) because someone claimed it didn't. And a little bit of Call of Duty when I'm in a WW2 mood. If you've bothered reading this far, tell me about the games you're playing in the comments.


WoW > *
Playing Rome - Total War. Great Game and graphics but I have a dummy card FX5200 :-(
I've been meaning to get Medieval Total War. Might just skip that and get rome but I like the medieval time period better.
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