Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Microsoft Still Doesn't "Get" The Console Market

Just read over on Joystiq that Microsoft is again talking about adding HD-DVD to the 360, but not at launch! Why is it that Microsoft seems to be doing everything they possibly can to sabotage the launch of the Xbox 360?! First they poo poo the gaming press by announcing the new box on MTV instead of giving the press an exclusive conference at E3, which is what is usually done. And then they wonder why the press doesn't give them as much love as they gave Sony. NOW they are suggesting that the later versions of the Xbox 360 might come with HD-DVD drives. Okay... so tell me, why the fuck would I buy an inferrior one in November?! Microsoft needs to learn when just to sit down and STFU. If they have plans for adding HD, they should not be talking about it now, otherwise they're not going to sell through their target goal of 10 million 360's in the first year, because everyone will be waiting for the 360-HD.

Microsoft should look at all the failed console add-ons in the history of console gaming and realize that add-ons are usually a waste of fucking time. What matters is what's in the core box when it ships, since that's what all developers must target for their games. Talking about future add-ons before the console even launches is just going to delay sales, and that's stupid marketing.

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