Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Nintendo Revolution - No HD?!

Gamespot is reporting that Nintendo has NO plans for HD support on their upcomming console, the Revolution. WHAT is Nintendo THINKING?! This just seems INSANE to me. Is Nintendo not aware that 2006 is going to be "the year of HD" where many, many homes make the plunge and go HD because of the mandatory digital thing? Lets hope this is just some weird misunderstanding or misquote. Otherwise we can probably count Nintendo out of the next gen hardware wars before they even begin.

"Otherwise we can probably count Nintendo out of the next gen hardware wars before they even begin."
I dunno, it seems MS is the only one really running with the concept of a HD being integral to the console. And they did not 'win' the current generation.
OTOH Nintendo did stick with the cartridge format for longer than was wise.
HD may not seem like a big deal TODAY, but in 2 years from now, I guarantee you that any console that doesn't support it is going to look like an Atari 2600 in comparison to the consoles that DO support it.

PS3 is not only supposed to support HD but I've read that it will support DUAL HD screens, such that you could either have a panoramic view across two HD sets or you could have the gameplay on one set and additional game information on the other set sort of like how some of the Nintendo DS games work.

And the Xbox 360 is mandating that all games for that platform support at least 720p HD resolution.
Erm, I just realised something, HD==High definition, not as I was thinking, Harddrive. :(

- Factory
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