Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Sexploitation and Violence in Video Games

Over on Unfettered Blather, Botswana posts a diatribe about how women who complain about the portrayal of women in video games, yet dress like a cheap hookers, is a lot like the parents who bitch about violent game content, and then ignore the ratings on said games, and give it to their kids anyway. It kind of puts a torpedo in your whole argument when you do this. It's a lot like people who bitch about the government and then refuse to go out and vote. It's not that they don't have a valid point, it's just that they aren't helping the cause by saying one thing and doing something else.

In other news, I'm getting kind of bored with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The missions are too hard and I'm about done "playing" with the non-mission gameplay portions. I dislike intensely having to replay missions over and over and over. They desperately need to have a cheat code that does nothing but let you skip the current mission and see the conclusion cinematics for it. Of course, assuming that the difficulty is constantly ramping up, that would probably just lead to even more missions that were too hard. Maybe my 5kiLLz aren't l337 enough, or something. The story so far isn't compelling enough to bother replaying missions over and over. I am not sure how GTASA got such grand reviews, since it seems just like more of the same to me, nothing all that special except for the RPG-like stats such as driving skill and muscle and endurance.

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