Friday, December 09, 2005


Neverwinter Nights Diamond

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is out for $26.99 (been out for a while actually) and I consider this to be one of the better buys this Christmas season if you've never played it or even if you're just looking to score an extra copy to play with friends and loved ones over your LAN. Neverwinter Nights is a computer RPG, set in the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition rules Forgotten Realms setting. But it's a lot more than that, because it's also a great RPG construction set, and a wonderful online multiplayer RPG as well.

Diamond is a DVD version, and it includes Neverwinter Nights original campaign, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, and the Neverwinter Nights Kingmaker expansion, which includes Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch's Wake Remastered. That is a LOT of gaming hours just right there. And you can find literally thousands of user-created modules on the NWN Vault, and they are rated and reviewed so you don't have to blindly search either. You could play this game for years and not have to repeat any content.

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