Monday, February 20, 2006


Evil Asshats

If there was ever any doubt that the EA actually stands for Evil Asshats instead of Electronic Arts, I think this news from TechDirt removes all doubt.

From TechDirt:
If you decide to play [Fight Night Round 3 for PSP] online, it asks you to go through a registration process, and after that tells you that if you don't want the company to send your info to ESPN and other marketers, you need to pay $2. EA basically is saying that the online version costs $2, but that ESPN will pay that subscription fee for you... if you turn over your info to them.

That's pretty fucking weak. If I had a PSP (I don't), and if I were interested in Fight Night 3 (I'm not), I'd definitely use fake info. I wonder how good their info is going to be? What total tossers.

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