Thursday, February 23, 2006


Finished: Final Fantasy

Finished the first game in Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, the original fantasy in a great RPG series. It was a pretty fun 30 hours of entertainment. The story is pretty thin, really, but it was fun exploring. The endless random combats got in the way of fun a few times. I spent a lot of time playing the game in front of the TV watching superhero cartoons on our DVR, and I'd glance at the game to give new combat orders occasionally. I'm sure if I had paid more attention to the game, I could have finished it a lot quicker.

Final Fantasy is the easiest game in the series that I have played so far. I never really went looking to level up just to level up. I did very little exploring that wasn't motivated by some goal. But the goals in the game are not entirely clear all of the time. It is extremely important to talk to people in the towns, that gives a lot of clues, but even then it isn't always clear. The couple of times I had to look at a walkthrough, it was because I was confused about what the goals were.

By the end of the game my characters were level 85. The Monk (evolved to Master) was the weakest character throughout the game, but at the very end of the game I finally found a new kick ass katana that he could use, and he started dealing out the most damage (by far) of any of my characters. That was helpful in the final boss battle, but I'm not sure it was really worth having to put up with his poor performance for the first 29 hours.

The Red Mage/Wizard is a pretty decent character, I could see it possible to play the game with a party of four Red Mages. They have very good melee skills, for when you're running low on mana, and can do most of the black and white spells. They can't use that great of armor, but you would just have to spend a lot of your money on potions and heal up after battles. The lack of some of the most powerful white and black spells might become a problem in the latter part of the game, but maybe not. A hasted Red Mage with an excellent sword can dish out a lot of melee. Most of the good swords in the game were weildable by the Red Mage/Wizard.

I'd still recommend the 2 Warriors, Black and White mages party for a starter. I haven't tried the Thief tho, it might be better than the Monk. Even by the end of the game I'd only killed 75% of the monster types. I am not sure where those other critters are. But it would be fun to explore and try and find and kill them all. Some day I might replay the game using a party of Red Mages and try and kill every critter. The Bestiary shows you how many you've killed of each kind and their stats and a picture. It's like Pokemon! Gotta Kill 'Em All!!

I'm not going to start Final Fantasy II for a while, I'll give myself a little break from FF and try some other type of game for a while. But I'll definitely pick it up in a few weeks or so.

Final Score 7.5/10

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