Tuesday, March 07, 2006


How Many Websites Do You Visit?

TechDirt has an article asking how many websites do you visit daily on average? This got me thinking about my own use of the web.

For one thing, my surfing habits changed radically when I discovered RSS feeds (thanks Lyndal!). I use Bloglines as my RSS aggregator, and so I go to that site pretty much every day, and it helps me monitor some 71 websites at the moment. I have subscribed to as many as 150 feeds, but since I was marking a lot of them as read without reading them, I truncated that list down by about half recently. Without Bloglines/RSS, I would probably at best keep track of 20-30 sites.

Apart from Bloglines, I also visit the following web sites daily or almost daily:
How many web sites do you visit daily? What are some of your favorites?

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