Saturday, September 09, 2006


Please Visit the NEW Blog Site

I have moved the blog to a new domain. I'm also switching handles at this time to match my Xbox 360 GamerTag. Please visit the new blog: Virtuadept's Game Blog, which is the only content I have so far up on CasualGamer.Net (but that will become a lot more later on, with gaming news, reviews, and forums for gamers with lives, who don't have enough time to game. Thank you so much for continuing to visit and putting up with the switch. If you are reading this via RSS you are going to need to visit the new site to pick up the new feed links. The good news is the comments now have a feed of their own, and all the posts are now tagged with categories information.

I'm keeping this blog up long enough for people to get the news about the new blog site but I won't be updating it. Since all of the posts transfered over, eventually I'll delete this site.

I transferred something in my pants.

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